Disabled People are Worthy of Love

I have an article in Lacuna human rights magazine today, about disabled partners, rejecting the idea that we’re ‘burdens’. Life that includes disabled people can be about partnership and adventure, I argue, whether those disabled people are friends, family or romantic partners. I look at the ableism behind the idea that disabled partners are burdens, and the effect this attitude has had in society for disabled people, partners, and carers more generally. Here’s a snippet:

A full life involves taking risks. Getting to know people who are different from you is not a saintly calling, but it can be an exciting part of life. Think of the many kinds of relationships you could miss out on if you don’t think disabled people’s lives are worth your time—fantastic friendships, fulfilling romantic relationships, rewarding life partnerships. I hope you’re lucky enough to discover that a life that includes disabled friends and potential romantic partners is an adventure, not a burden.



Author: Naomi J.

Disabled researcher and storyteller.

2 thoughts on “Disabled People are Worthy of Love”

  1. I’ve read the article & think you’ve captured the essence of those ableist people who see the disability first and not the person. Many able people are really hard work to live with but that fact eludes some people. Great piece.


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