Quick Read: What is This Blog?

This blog is my attempt to share disability theory and theories of social change. It will be related to my real life, and yours – our experiences of daily disablism. I want to help make theory useful, especially for activists and disabled people.

I believe disability theory is powerful. It can be a light in the darkness. I’m bored of trying to educate the hegemony (powerful dominant groups) about disability. I’d rather we offer each other the tools we need to change the world.

This blog is aimed at the disabled community. Also welcome here: anyone else from oppressed and marginalised groups who might find disability theory useful. If you are not in these groups, but you want to learn about disability: please stay, if you can be a good guest. (Disabled people can be dis/ableist too: everyone is expected to be a good guest here. See guest policy for more on what that means.)